Contested Estate

Family Provisions Claims and Contested Wills in Canberra

Contested Estate Matters

It can be a very challenging time if somebody contests a Will or the division of a person’s assets upon their passing. If you are the Executor of an Estate you will need competent and clear advice about your responsibilities, obligations and what to expect in the event that a persons Will or Estate is challenged. We can assist you to achieving the best appropriate outcome.

In the event that you have not been adequately provided for following the death of a loved one, we can advise you with respect to the possibility of bringing a Family Provisions Claim for provision from the Estate and advise you as to the likelihood of success and anticipated outcome.

We can also provide advice if you have concerns about the validity of a Will. Contact one of our experienced and professional solicitors today.
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We can help with:

  • Family Provisions Claims
  • Contested Wills
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